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Experience Mindfulness and MBSR

Much can be written and talked about mindfulness, but first and foremost you have to experience it yourself. For this reason, I would like to invite you to do this together with me in the next orientation session.

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Orientation Sessions

Why mindfulness and MBSR?

The increasing popularity and hype around mindfulness mostly overlooks its unobtrusive nature and its actual benefits, which are backed by scientific research.

Regular practise has a positive effect on your daily life. You can concentrate better, stay calmer under stress and are more resilient to negative or unpleasant thoughts or emotions because you no longer identify with them. You are neither your thoughts nor your feelings.

Mindfulness is not a quick fix, but the more you practise, the more you get out of it. But as already mentioned, mindfulness and its benefits have to be experienced by yourself. We could do this together!

The aim of the orientation sessions

You are welcome to explore mindfulness and to find out if it can also be your next step towards a kinder and more mindful life. In this online session you will

  • learn about what mindfulness is – and is not
  • be introduced to the 8-week MBSR course
  • hear about how you can benefit in your daily life by practising mindfulness – as reported from numerous course participants and supported by scientific research
  • experience it yourself through short guided meditations that are taught in the MBSR course
  • have the chance to reflect on your experience and ask any question that might arise

MBSR orientation session

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Online meditation

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Breathing Space

A short awareness meditation